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  • Test Post

    This is a test… more

  • C-Style Formatting

    Tags: Software

    I figure what the world definitely needs is more discussion about whether, in C-style programming languages, to put braces on the same line or on the next line.  Or maybe I just don't have … more

  • My Ideas For Health Care Reform

    Tags: General, Society

    A couple of months ago my younger son, Nolan, broke his arm at Super Hero Camp at the YMCA, because he apparently couldn't actually fly.  The YMCA called my wife, who called our pediatrician, who … more

  • Trust and Agility

    Tags: Software, General

    One adage that I've kept in mind for a few years is "trust makes the world go 'round".  By this I mean that there are many, many cases where mutual trust allows things to go … more

  • What the #%@! Is REST?

    Tags: Software

    I'm currently rewriting this site using ASP.NET MVC, REST, Dojo, and some other technologies.  I've mentioned this to friends and coworkers, and many have asked what's the big deal … more

  • Real-World Validation

    Tags: Software

    I'm in the middle of rewriting this site using ASP.NET MVC, and am wrestling with the age-old question of how best to validate my data.  Like every developer, I've addressed this in … more